A detail of a recent drawing (Private collection, Florida, USA)

A detail of a recent drawing (Private collection, Florida, USA)

Born 1976

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Essex University 2007

My name is Stuart, I am an Essex based artist.  My work is centred around producing intricate and meticulous drawings, some black and white - and some brightly coloured. I put a lot of stock into the craft of an unusual type of draughtsmanship that I have developed over the years, I draw inspiration from an extremely broad range of visual stimuli, these range from the microscopic world, the cosmos right through to ideas of fractals and geology.  I explore this stimulus using my own personal visual language with which I find the means to express my ideas and practice my craft.  My visual language is constantly evolving and I embrace this change.  I find the idea of an ever changing aesthetic a very exciting prospect. 

In a world where social unrest and armchair politics reign over us I reject the temptation to enter into comment on these issues through my art, instead I favour simple ideas and inspirations.  The world is a vast, wondrous place and I love the idea of creating drawings using the natural world as a starting point.  I try to express some of this wonder I feel through my work.