Procrastinations of a working man

Procrastinations of a working man

I’ll jump straight in I think with an update as to what I’ve been up to the last week or so since my last update.

I’ve been extremely busy which is good news and have managed to finish my drawing and submit it into the ING Discerning Eye exhibition. This is a huge leap for me and would be an utter triumph if it were to be accepted on my first time of asking.  I have been getting in from work and sitting straight down and drawing until around 10 o’clock each night, the work has been incredibly exacting and has been hard at times to stay focused, even more so for me given the name of this blog.  It has however highlighted some deficiencies that I guess can only be addressed by gaining more experience coupled with a healthy curiosity to learn.

Whilst getting the piece framed I came to realise that there are many types of frames and you get what you pay for in terms of tape, backings etc being acid free and the actual quality of the frame itself, this also made me think more about the materials I use in whilst drawing as well, now I’ve always been aware of the quality of what I use to an extent but think I will conduct a lot more research into this and be more choosy about how and where my work is framed.

My photography skills whilst never being brilliant I foolishly thought my fairly new camera could handle this side of things for me – no…I have discovered blurs around the edges, dark, light, dark, light – blue versions of the same drawing – this requires some thought and some work.

I found the actual process of applying for exhibition quite nerve wracking as I have never done it before, filling out the forms, making sure they are correct, making sure the piece is correct in terms of the requirements and then delivering it. I’m quite confident within myself but did wonder whether I’d stick out like a sore thumb to the outwardly arty people (discussed in previous posts) – no, the reality is there are all walks of life trying to exhibit and one size certainly does not fit all, in the end I actually really enjoyed the process and feel it is an achievement just to get that far, if I’m not accepted so be it, I will keep ploughing on, luckily my skin is very thick, my hunger and perseverance are at an all time high and I want this so badly if I am denied I will keep coming back. I expect to be rejected but you simply never know, looking at some of the other work flooding onto the submission desk I felt good about what I do – and that alone was worth the rigmarole of applying.

The pressure that can only come from your peers (when confronted by the work of others) has seemingly opened up a new and fresh train of thought and made my resolve even firmer. With every drawing that passes through my fingers I feel my hand becoming stronger and more sure. I should just say as well that the Discerning Eye application was stupidly easy and I applaud this – just one form and one label along with a £12 fee, I don’t know what other exhibition applications are like but this was a good way to start.

As I was so close to the National Gallery (I parked on Carlton House Terrace) I wandered over there after submitting my work yesterday – it would of been rude not to, and I had put 100 minutes on the meter as an insurance against the unknown entity that was submitting work (I was there 5 minutes) so thought I’d use the time constructively and visit my old friends who have taken residence on these hallowed walls, I gorged on Cézanne, Seurat, Canaletto and many others. Whilst strolling on my own through the halls I realised that I have deep, personal connections with many of the works at the National, so many of the paintings are stitched to different times in my life, I felt a wave of nostalgic passion rush through and overcome me. My favourite room by far is 45, the territory of the (post) impressionists, having stood in front of my favourite painting of all time (a Cézanne landscape) for a good 10 minutes I decided to take a seat just outside that fabled room, above the main stairs I people watch for a while whist absorbing all that was flowing through me – I felt at ease and very at home. Needless to say I was fizzing with new ideas and cursing myself for not having my book with me to record these – schoolboy error.


If you are reading this sentence thank you for taking your time to read my rambled thoughts and feelings.