Procrastinations of a working man

 16 January 17

Just a quick random post.  I’m sure I’m not alone here in saying all I ever seem to see are people with necks craned and hunched over a smartphone – this unfortunately is an all too common sight in my house.  So during a period when our household wifi speed was that of the average glacier it prompted me to think about some one of the benefits of drawing.  (I know drawing can take many, many different and complicated forms but for me it is a simple mark making process).  This technical disaster happened whilst I was doing some light drawing so I was completely unaffected by this occurrence.  This led me to think just how lucky I feel to love something like drawing.  From early man daubing and recording life on the walls of a cave in southern France and Africa or on rocks in Australia it is an amazing thought to think I’m basically doing the same thing, my work (in principle) requires no technology – just a pen or pencil and paper but technically could be done anywhere and on anything – for instance on the wall of a cave…interesting thought as I’ve often thought about transferring my work onto the streets…okay not quite the same rocks in Australia – but you see the link.

I apologise for the slightly bizarre ramblings here but as I’ve stated before I use this blog sometimes to reflect and look for answers as to what else I could possibly try out.  Maybe a different substrate could be interesting?

Thank you for reading.